Terraz Tinto


Extreme Vineyards

Tinto | D.O. Calatayud

Result of tradition and singularity of its viticultures, up-to-date to present taste. This area is the past, present and future of aragonese wines. Wines characterized by rugged lands, hard weather and vines height.



low temperature fermentation in steel tanks.



low temperature fermentation in steel tanks.

Terraz Tinto
Con un 90% de garnacha and 10% de tempranillo modern style. Bright cherry red color shows its youth. intense ripe red fruit varietal scents (raspberry and blackcurrant), balsamic and flowery touches remind of violets. A fresh and elegant wine, easy to drink and enjoy. Sweet and candied at the end..

Terraz Tinto


High harvested Garnacha, fruity and mineral with a touch of ripe tempranillo.


Wineries and vineyards in Jalón


The winery is located in Maluenda , a village located in the centre of Jiloca valley. Equipped with the ultimate enological technologies, it’s got a great elaboration and vintage surface. Temperature control during fermentation, pneumatic presses, new french and american oak barrels and a modern bottling system. Investments continue every year in order to achieve even higher development and quality levels. O.D. Calatayud climate is characterized by its continentality, with cold winters and very hot summers. Average annual temperature is 13.1ºC, with huge gaps between day and night during ripening time and an average rainfall between 300 and 500mm.


In this hilly region, where deep valleys and rivers Jalón and Jiloca meet, landscape and climate varies in every single area. This gives us a huge range of settings with different quality and potential. This wines are influenced by the rugged soil, hard climate and vineyards height. Our best patches are locate at 800 meters height. Slaty and gravelly soils give our wines personality and complexity.

Terraz Tinto
Terraz Tinto


90% garnacha and 10% tempranillo, low temperature fermentation in steel tanks that add more fragrant potential.


Bordeaux bottle.
6 bottles pack.


High quality products and a fine elaboration from the vineyard, but always at the best prize. Only for catering industry. Perfect for the general public, in bars, feasts and menus of every kind of restaurant.


Perfect for daily consumption or house wine. Perfil consumidor de estatus medio, edad entre 25 y 50 años, con poca experiencia. Comunicamos gastronomía de estilo clásico y moderno.